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Virtual Old Time Jam Class

Virtual Old Time Jam Class with Chris McGrath
Materials released Mondays @ 10:00am | 6 week class
Starts May 4th

This group music class is intended for folks who have some experience playing music on a string band-appropriate instrument and want to devote some time to learning how to play (or get better at playing) Old Time music. For this virtual session, we will be focusing on some less-common D Tunes. Classes will be spent learning tunes, learning technique, and learning style. A reasonable amount of practicing and listening between classes will be expected. Materials will be shared via our website so a good internet connection is a must-have!

Great for players of multiple instruments – every student has access to all materials for banjo, fiddle, and guitar!

Students will receive:

  • One audio file of each tune with 3 parts (banjo, fiddle, guitar) played simultaneously.
  • Video files of each part individually.
  • Links to source recordings.
  • Direct access to your instructor throughout the course via email.

Chris McGrath moved to Rockbridge County from Rhode Island in 2008 with his wife, Andrea Lepage. After dedicating 20 years of his musical life to playing Irish music on the fiddle in Ireland and New England, the lure of Old Time was impossible to resist. Chris is all-in now, playing fiddle and banjo every chance he gets with some of the fantastic musicians in and around Rockbridge County. In his spare time away from playing music, Chris teaches math and science at Rockbridge County High School.

$60 for 6-week class

Singing From Shapes

Singing From Shapes | June 21 | 2:00 – 5:00 pm {TENTATIVE}
Maury River Friends Meeting House

In the 18th century a form of notation for church music was devised using shapes to denote different intervals, so those who couldn’t read music could develop the ability to read the shapes and sing 3 or 4-part harmony without accompaniment. Read more about Shape Note @ Wikipedia!

Shape-note “sings” now happen regularly all over the country. Come learn the basics and enjoy the distinctive harmonies of this traditional American music. (We will use a keyboard to reduce the learning curve for the parts.)

$45 for 3-hour workshop